FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: My 21st Birthday Fresh Flowercrown

I recently turned 21, an important milestone in many cultures. And as such, I wanted to celebrate with all of my friends and family in a way that was quintessentially me: dancing to DJ and live band, food, fairylights and flowercrowns.
I held my party at the Jade, a venue chosen amongst many primarily for its capacity to host a band, but also its affordability and whimsical/hipster decor (the staff were super chill and friendly too!). I hired my brother’s band Spanish Harlem; they did an amazing job and played a few ‘off-menu’ tracks of my choice! (BeyoncĂ©’s Love on Top, Philadelphia Grand Jury’s The Good News, Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out and Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit to name a few)

FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: My 21st Birthday Fresh Flowercrown

Despite being the biggest party I’ve hosted, it was the most chill one as I did minimal DIY this time (a picnic-in-a-park 16th, a candy-themed 17th, house-party 18th and 19th, and a picnic-hike 20th all involved some DIY cooking and decor) This time however, I left the catering, sound and decor to the professionals, and all I had to worry about was making my flowercrown on the morning of!

FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: My 21st Birthday Fresh Flowercrown

I bought deep red roses and mauve chrysanthemum daisies (happy to pay half-price for slightly older flowers since I only needed them for one night), and supplemented them with some yellow lantana and bougainvillea (that I may or may not have plucked from the side of the road…) for colour. I used my usual base of a green vine wreath, but reinforced it with extra, extra florist wire to make it dancing-proof. The theme of my party was ‘Black and White with a Pop of Colour’; I was relying on the fact that my guests would assume I would wear a flower crown and choose an alternative coloured accessory hehe.

FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: My 21st Birthday Fresh Flowercrown FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: My 21st Birthday Fresh Flowercrown

I chose a white lace dress with a fitted waist and flared short-long skirt from Forever New; I loved the stiff fabric of the skirt that made it billow out whenever I twirled- it really made me feel like a princess! I wore cobalt blue suede wedges; another pop of colour that was very danceable in! It was also my second time getting my make-up done properly by a beloved friend of mine who is seriously amazing! (She is halfway through her medical degree with me and also works the beauty counter at Dior at Myer!)

FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: My 21st Birthday Fresh Flowercrown

It was a really special night and I enjoyed every bit! The only thing was that it was too short, so we didn’t get through the whole band and DJ setlist (and also, we forgot to cut the cake!)




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