FUNNY HAT FRIDAYS: DIY Black Rose Crown and Barossa Autumn Foliage

I spent most of 2018 living in the beautiful Barossa Valley wine region for my rural hospital placement. It’s special to be able to watch the countryside slowly change with the seasons. I started the year marvelling at fields of golden grass and rows of lush green vines, and was equally enraptured by the gradual transition to the deep reds of autumn in April-May.

FUNNY HAT FRIDAYS: DIY Black Rose Crown and Barossa Autumn Foliage

And so, on my final day of Semester 1, I took the afternoon off (what a rebel!) to do a photoshoot amongst the beautiful autumn foliage.


COLLABORATION: DIY Red Riding Hood Cloak-wolf transformation with Chelsea Burford

COLLABORATION: DIY Red Riding Hood Cloak

This is the most-involved photoshoot I have done to date, and involved DIY fashion with make-up by the talented Chelsea Burford (check out her page!)


IDEAS AND INSPIRATION: Epaulettes and Frock Coats

So I’m on the costume team for a musical, and we’ve decided to tell the fairytale story with a steampunk twist. Thus, I’ve been researching, and stumbled across some inspiration for some personal DIY, once I have time. Enjoy!

Steampunk Shoulder PadAbove: Steampunk Shoulder Pad by Skinz-N-Hydez.        Below: Steampunk EpauletteSteampunk Epaulet

I’m thinking some studded shoulder pieces could be an edgy piece for winter, no? Spiked Studs on jackets have been popular for a while now, with heaps of tutorials around.

That reminds me, I gotta get my hands on some Aluminium Flashing a la Geneva at A Pair and a Spare. I have been unable to find suitable flat studs for a while, and it seems like the perfect material, non?

Below: Silver Studded EpauletteSteampunk Epaulet 2

Frock Coat Back

And finally, I’m thinking that a cropped frock coat backs might be an interesting twist on the old peplum skirt. Add some print fabric (perhaps vintage scarves?) to get some zing into your jackets.

Ladies, gentlemen; shoulders back, tailcoats down. Cosplay meets everyday fashion, perhaps xx