FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: Bougainvillea Fresh Flower Crown

My new sister-in-law (hooray!) once expressed wishes of having a fresh flower crown for her wedding. After much thought, she eventually decided to go instead for a smaller sprig of flowers for a more elegant look (a perfect choice in the end!). But I knew, her fresh flower crown dreams persisted, and there is nothing more wonderful than to create something for someone you love. During preparation for her bridal shower before the wedding, I was determined to make these dreams come true.

Studded Statement Bracelet Clutch DIY

DIY TUTORIAL: Studded Statement Bracelet Clutch

Last minute DIY parties are the best. Because I don’t know about you, but I get distracted really easily on my own, leaving behind a disastrously messy path of unfinished projects. Furthermore, the last minuteness forces you to go Iron Chef and do what you can with the key ingredient (or whatever craft stuff you can find) In my case, I brought a gaudy bracelet and a sleek (but sadly plain) clutch. Big thank you to Faith in Fools for hosting!


DIY TUTORIAL: Metal Collar Necklace

Same old story with most of my DIYs. I have an idea of a something I’d like (in this case, a metal detachable collar), I go to the store and can’t find anything thats just right (even the expensive ones aren’t quite right) so I go home and make it.

The metal collar necklaces I found in stores, their curves didn’t quite sit right along my neck and collarbones. Thanks to A Pair and a Spare, I found the perfect material: Aluminium Roof Flashing. I got it for $6.35 a metre at my local hardware store (such friendly staff!) it’s flexible and easy to work with and you can cut it with ordinary scissors. This was my first time using this medium, and it worked amazingly.

Metal Collar Tutorial

Tools and Materials: Aluminium Roof Flashing (You only need the size of an A4 page)

3 Silver Jumprings

Silver Chain (Use large links so that the necklace height is adjustable)

Lobster clasp (or other silver jewellery closures)

Scissors (I used an old blunt pair, so as to not ruin my good set)

Jewellery Pliers

Needles/pins of various thicknesses

Before we start: Basically, this necklace is made up of two halves of the collar (think of a shirt collar) joined with a jump ring and fastened with chain around the back.

This Tutorial can be summed up in 6 simple steps:

  1. Make a pattern of your collar from paper
  2. Trace said pattern onto your aluminium flashing, leaving 5mm of ‘seam allowance’
  3. Cut out the two pieces and cut the corners off at 45 degrees and trimming the seam allowance like a fringe
  4. Fold over the fringing to make a smooth edge
  5. Use the pins to pierce holes to join the two pieces at the centre with a jump ring
  6. Pierce holes and use the remaining 2 jump rings to attach a chain and lobster clasp

In case you want better instruction I’ve written out what I did in more detail:


Are your hands free?

I was just casually stalking New Yorker (that’s a European store, btw) and I love the way they market their accesories. Pas de visage to emphasise the product, while visually, it’s a colourful cacophone for your eyes (though one can’t help but wander what they’re wearing on their feet if they’re carrying their shoes…)

And beside the photograph, oh how convenient, the product list. It’s almost too convenient, if you ask me


Storing your jewellery

I wasn’t always into it, but now I do like jewellery. In a way, jewellery shoppings way easier than clothes shopping. Less worry about fit and comfort, it’s generally cheaper than a dress so there’s less worry about the price, and since you don’t wear it as frequently as clothing (I do hope that you wear clothing on a daily basis…) you don’t have to worry about having spares and double ups since it’s easier to have ONE nice silver necklace, a few nice gold bangles, etc.

Storing can be a problem sometimes though. Darn tangled chains.

I myself use 2 of those, what I call, ‘Jewellery Hatstands.’ You know the kind I’m talking about? Those one’s that look like hatstands for 30cm tall people. One is just an ordinary metal one my mother gave to me, and I use it for bracelets and a few necklaces.

The other was concocted by
. Using a Converse Shoe I made from corrugated cardboard in Year 8 Art (I finished my rocket early, so me and my friend started making shoes) I rolled up some old grey foam from some packaging, put it inside the shoe and stuffed a dried branch I got from my nectarine tree. It didn’t quite have enough little twiggy bits to hang my rings perfectly, so I broke some toothpicks and used my Ol’ Buddy, PVA Glue and got to work. Voila!

My sister is far more organised than me. Plus she has her ears pierced and thus has earrings. ∴she has much more sophisticated ways of storing her jewellery (it’s simple maths people)

And her solution? Her notice board above her dressing table. Alors: