Group presents- Christmas gift ideas

GIFT GIVING PART 2: Seven Group Presents

Welcome to Part 2 on tips for gift giving. As a reminder, here is out mantra for the perfect present:

a) something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves
b) looks nice/appealing and makes them say “cool!”
c) practical or usable. This includes being one-size fits all for clothes/accessories

Today, we will be talking about group presents, in which you have the bonus of having a bigger budget (>$50) in order to get something really fantastic for your friend, especially for big milestones such as weddings or 21sts 😀


DIY IDEAS: Photographic memory cards

Erhmehgersh, I haven’t posted for two months! 😥

And well, step-by-step tutorials take a while to produce for the technologically illiterate like me. So while I psych myself for a clothing/jewellery tute, here’s an idea for a simple present (Chrismas perhaps?)