Month: August 2011

Fashion makes me lol

Ok, I love fashion. Really I do. But just like you normal(-ish?) folks out there, I too have certain things where I’m like, ‘What the heck, who would wear that? Is it even physically possible?’Or sometimes it just looks funny. Not because it’s particularly ugly, but it’s just laugh-worthy. Or perhaps just ew. Man Repeller(ok, I don’t actually follow that blog, but I do like the man repeller concept)But yeah, here are two things that made me lol (the first one’s aimed at you, moonboy :P)


Charlotte Smith’s amazing vintage museum-worthy wardrobe? Wants…

Did anyone else just see the short segment on Sunrise less than half an hour ago about Charlotte Smith’s vintage haute couture collection? Dior, Chanel Lucile, Vionnet, Balenciaga, Pucci, Jean Muir, Zandra Rhodes, Westwood, Versace, Dolce & Gabana, Jil Sander and a more recent (but sadly also late) designer, Alexander McQueen….

Well anyway, it was fair awesome. Now if only I had a godmother who would bequest me a 4500+ collection of vintage haute couture…. ūüėÄ

Dreaming of Chanel– the Queensland University Technology exhibit of some of the collection in Brisbane

Dreaming of Dior– More info on Charlotte Smith’s collection

Designer Children’s Fashion?

You’ve got to admit. Designer Children’s fashion is pretty darn cute. Ridiculously unnecessary (I mean, dressing up your kid in Adidas or Ralph Lauren or Lanvin is just BEGGING to get your kid kidnapped) but cute.Is there anything concerning about it though? Do these kids get to choose to do this, or are they being pressured into the limelight? I know my sister dislikes putting photos of kids on facebook, since they don’t really get to control how much is on the internet, but that’s a slightly different matter. This high up in designer fashion, it seems pretty nicely done; nothing to gaudy, very subtle make up, maybe it’s just our favourite designers just want to dress our kids nicely? I mean, I’m not really well-read enough on the matter to really know (Education. Is. Everything. Period) From here though, it seems ok. Beauty pageants, another matter entirely, but I digress. Anyway, these are freaking adorable.

That Funny Little Continent called Europe

So I went on a trip to Europe recently, 16 days travelling to Zurich, Montreux, Salzburg, Vienna and Prague. It was my first time overseas, and well, let me just say it was pretty amazing. Here are just a few pictures of some awesomely European stuff. Enjoy!

I felt really European chic taking this one in Zurich, with the stripes and coloured buildings and stuff

¬†They’re seats… made from OLIVE OIL CANS!!
¬†Miu Miu ‚̧ The fashion lover in me
¬†Lolly Pizza… OM NOM NOM
¬†Sa indie… red and yellow bicycle
¬†J’aime bien manger des pains, surtout en Europe
 Scrabble+Tin Tin= (Swiss) French awesomeness
¬†Garden Designs… what an art form
¬†Inside a shop window at Salzburg… it was really Christmas in July
¬†Ok, this MAY have been taken in the Central Viennese cemetery… but it was really pretty
¬†No. 1 thing I learnt about photography? Parallel lines. Straighten up the shot, and it’s a million times pro-er
 Amazing street artist in Vienna (it makes me want to experiment with spray paint and paper tools)
There were murals on buildings EVERYWHERE, but I especially loved this one in Prague. It was amazing art to look at
¬†Czech guards ‚̧
 Spectacular cathedrals. Maybe a little too over the top for me (I for one can appreciate a simple church) but definitely wonderous to look at.
 Hot air balloons
¬†Old school trams… why can’t we have these in Australia?
Best soft drink ad ever. Just saying
In short. Europe. Gorgeous. Totally increasing my motivation in studying French. Screw Chinese. I’ll never be fluent anyway (I may BE Chinese, but anybody would be able to tell I’m a foreigner straight away)