Alexander McQueen

Spring 2012

Well, fashion-lovers everywhere are getting geared up for the new season. Spring 2012, ooh, that IS exciting! Like, legit exciting. Can’t you tell how excited I am?And at this point, most of you are thinking I’m being sarcastic. But I’m not. Well, I kinda am, kinda aren’t. I mean, I live in the real world where runway fashion (and I suppose fashion in general) isn’t as vital as say, study or food (mmmmm food…) But I do enjoy it. And with all these holidays, and Term 4 coming up, well, I am keen to do some making and fashion hunting. Nothing so satisfying as a convo such as:

Friend: Hey, cool (insert item of clothing/accessory)
Me: Thanks man. I found it in my house/bought it op shopping/bought it on sale/made it.
Friend: Ah, that’s sick bro!

Ok, maybe the conversation doesn’t go exactly like that, coz most of these conversations are held with girls, but it’s mostly like that (Me and my bestie are always like ‘Hey man, what’s up?’ when we see each other)

However, from what I’ve seen so far of Spring 2012, I’m a little disappointed? Not that I’ve seen much, but Alexander McQueen and Acne… actually, Alexander McQueen was ok. It was quite fascinating, but not as pretty as some of Sarah Burton’s other work. But Acne… I’m all for clean shapes, minimalism, something a bit wacky… but that was just plain ugly. I got excited by the preview picture of the collection on, but then bam! Forget man repeller, I was repelled.

Hopefully when I check out more shows, it’ll be better 🙂

Acne Spring 2012: Left, the opening pic. Right, the reality. Just… ew
Alexander McQueen Spring 2012: Above, one of 3 pictures I saved from that collection.