Storing your jewellery

I wasn’t always into it, but now I do like jewellery. In a way, jewellery shoppings way easier than clothes shopping. Less worry about fit and comfort, it’s generally cheaper than a dress so there’s less worry about the price, and since you don’t wear it as frequently as clothing (I do hope that you wear clothing on a daily basis…) you don’t have to worry about having spares and double ups since it’s easier to have ONE nice silver necklace, a few nice gold bangles, etc.

Storing can be a problem sometimes though. Darn tangled chains.

I myself use 2 of those, what I call, ‘Jewellery Hatstands.’ You know the kind I’m talking about? Those one’s that look like hatstands for 30cm tall people. One is just an ordinary metal one my mother gave to me, and I use it for bracelets and a few necklaces.

The other was concocted by
. Using a Converse Shoe I made from corrugated cardboard in Year 8 Art (I finished my rocket early, so me and my friend started making shoes) I rolled up some old grey foam from some packaging, put it inside the shoe and stuffed a dried branch I got from my nectarine tree. It didn’t quite have enough little twiggy bits to hang my rings perfectly, so I broke some toothpicks and used my Ol’ Buddy, PVA Glue and got to work. Voila!

My sister is far more organised than me. Plus she has her ears pierced and thus has earrings. ∴she has much more sophisticated ways of storing her jewellery (it’s simple maths people)

And her solution? Her notice board above her dressing table. Alors: