Month: January 2016

DIY TUTORIAL: Flower Sunhat

As you are probably aware, I love hats. Not only can they be striking accessories, they are incredibly important for sun safety! So for my birthday last year (a picnic mountain hike), I was determined to have a sunhat to protect me from the sun and be a beautiful birthday statement.


Announcement: New ‘The Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing’ Facebook Page

Hello friends! Exciting news; after many weeks of work, I have now launched a Facebook page for this blog, for those of you who like to connect that way.

We are also celebrating the launch with a GIVEAWAY!! (Yay free stuff) Head over to the Facebook page for more details: cover2 (3)

Funny Hat Friday: Post-wedding native flower crown

FUNNY HAT FRIDAYS: Playing with Australian Native Flowers

Once my beloved brother and sister-in-law left for their honeymoon (exciting!), I was left all the bridal bouquets and table flowers to play with. Fresh flowers galore! And that (of course) meant another Funny Hat Friday fresh flower crown.