Month: May 2012

Florence + The Machine

I went to go see her last Tuesday, and wow! I never realised she was such a good singer.

It was my first big concert and my first date ❤ Guess who I took? None of my friends could

That’s right… it was my brother’s girlfriend! (Kudos to you if you guessed that one) He didn’t want my ticket, so I took her on a date (althought technically, she took me, since she drove, payed for parking and had the tickets…)

Anyway, the music was great (even though I only knew Shake It Out and Never Let Me Go from her newer album) and more importantly (for all of use here, anyway), her stage outfit was incredible.



So, me and my buddy in Ballarat like to exchange presents and letters via mail. (leave me alone, grammar nazis!) It started with a bracelet for her birthday, and a bracelet in return, and then a necklace and etc. If you have any friends in another city/state/country, I highly recommend penpal-ing. Screw facebook, there’s nothing like getting a mysterious package. Plus, it’s great motivation to keep DIYing and keeping your artistic skills up.

Anyway, I guess we got bored of sending jewellery after a while.

And thus, she painted this picture for me, which I love.