FESTIVAL FEVER: My Top 8 Music Festivals Bucket List

Summer is coming, or if you’re from down under like me, winter is coming (*cue GoT reference… and I don’t even watch that show) But whether it is winter or summer, it is always festival season somewhere in the world. So, here I am bringing you my dream music festivals both in Australia and abroad.


Gifts for Guys- Christmas gift ideas

GIFT GIVING PART 1: Five Gifts for Guys

Getting gifts for people is really hard. Or rather, getting good gifts for people at a good price (I’ll be honest, I am the cheapest fashion-interested person ever…) But it can be made easier! In my mind, the best present:

a) is something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves
b) looks nice/appealing and makes them say “cool!”
c) practical or usable. This includes being one-size fits all for clothes/accessories

So I will be putting together a list of my go to presents, whether it be birthdays, Christmas, whatever (oh no, now all my friends will know my secret come birthday time!) Welcome to Part 1, Gifts for Guys


That Funny Little Continent called Europe

So I went on a trip to Europe recently, 16 days travelling to Zurich, Montreux, Salzburg, Vienna and Prague. It was my first time overseas, and well, let me just say it was pretty amazing. Here are just a few pictures of some awesomely European stuff. Enjoy!

I felt really European chic taking this one in Zurich, with the stripes and coloured buildings and stuff

 They’re seats… made from OLIVE OIL CANS!!
 Miu Miu ❤ The fashion lover in me
 Lolly Pizza… OM NOM NOM
 Sa indie… red and yellow bicycle
 J’aime bien manger des pains, surtout en Europe
 Scrabble+Tin Tin= (Swiss) French awesomeness
 Garden Designs… what an art form
 Inside a shop window at Salzburg… it was really Christmas in July
 Ok, this MAY have been taken in the Central Viennese cemetery… but it was really pretty
 No. 1 thing I learnt about photography? Parallel lines. Straighten up the shot, and it’s a million times pro-er
 Amazing street artist in Vienna (it makes me want to experiment with spray paint and paper tools)
There were murals on buildings EVERYWHERE, but I especially loved this one in Prague. It was amazing art to look at
 Czech guards ❤
 Spectacular cathedrals. Maybe a little too over the top for me (I for one can appreciate a simple church) but definitely wonderous to look at.
 Hot air balloons
 Old school trams… why can’t we have these in Australia?
Best soft drink ad ever. Just saying
In short. Europe. Gorgeous. Totally increasing my motivation in studying French. Screw Chinese. I’ll never be fluent anyway (I may BE Chinese, but anybody would be able to tell I’m a foreigner straight away)