LOST IN ASIA: Japanese pseudo-samurai kimono

LOST IN ASIA: A Japanese Psuedo-Samurai

Welcome to the second installment of Lost in Asia, which involves photoshoots featuring different styles of traditional Asian dress. Today, we styled a male Japanese kimono.


Gifts for Guys- Christmas gift ideas

GIFT GIVING PART 1: Five Gifts for Guys

Getting gifts for people is really hard. Or rather, gettingĀ good gifts for people at a good price (I’ll be honest, I am the cheapest fashion-interested person ever…) But it can be made easier! In my mind, the best present:

a) is something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves
b) looks nice/appealing and makes them say “cool!”
c) practical or usable. This includes being one-size fits all for clothes/accessories

So I will be putting together a list of my go to presents, whether it be birthdays, Christmas, whatever (oh no, now all my friends will know my secret come birthday time!) Welcome to Part 1, Gifts for Guys