HOW TO WEAR: SHINee Dream Girl (Why So Serious?)

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m the most irregular blogger ever. I’M SORRY!!!

But today I will post the first in a series of How To Wear (insert random style here), taking inspiration from TV, music, high fashion etc! Hooray!

I’ve noticed that a lot of posts on this topic mainly offer info on where to get similar items, rather than tips on how to wear it if you’re not a model/celebrity and live in the real world where we want to look chic, but not necessarily super bright/bling.

So here we go: And even though K-Pop isn’t for everyone, and I don’t adore all of their choices, I do love their overall look of bold prints and blazers. Yes, today, SHINee’s back, with Dream Girl/Why So Serious (Ah, SM with your devious two-part album that has now stolen sixty of my dollars….)

SHINee Dream Girl Official Group Teaser