Month: December 2011

Don’t you just love a stylish gentleman?

I know I do. Not too stylish, coz then that’s just weird. Way too metro. But I do appreciate someone who can wear a neat button shirt or a decent fit of jeans and wears footwear other than sneakers. You know, someone you won’t be embarassed to be seen with in public?

What’s this? You also love them too? Snapsies! Well, just in case you know someone who’s too stylish (and I mean, way way way way too stylish that you sometimes consider buying womens’ accessories/clothing for as a present) check these Fourteen Sins of Style on the blog, Individualism

Enjoy. Have a laugh. And stay tuned for my long-promised ‘If I was a guy, this is how I would dress’ post.
Oh, and if I remember, I’ll post something about last minute gift ideas that don’t involve heading to a shopping mall or going to online stores 🙂