FUNNY HAT FRIDAYS: DIY fresh ivy flower crown, McLaren Vale

FUNNY HAT FRIDAYS: DIY fresh ivy flower crown @ McLaren Vale

For my brother’s birthday last November, he organised for us to go in a mini bus to a pretty winery in McLaren Vale, a wine region in south of Adelaide. This was prior to my moving to the Barossa (another wine region to the north)… I was going to say “so being surrounded by vineyards was still a novelty”, but to be honest even after some eight months here, I still marvel at the views!

Anyway, me being me, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do an impromptu photoshoot in a new location for me (I had never been to McLaren Vale before). And what better crown to wear to a winery than one of vines! Fortunately, my sister-in-law was part of the birthday party, so I had a photographer on hand for a few quick snaps.

We have ivy (specifically hedera algeriensis– I love this breed because of its patchy white and green shades) growing in our front garden. Whilst I usually make my flower/leaf crowns by creating a vine circlet as a base (typically banksia rose, since it is rigid and kinked enough to hold its shape- and also because we have a huge tree of it growing in our backyard!), I didn’t have to in this case since I could use the ivy as is.

FUNNY HAT FRIDAYS: DIY fresh ivy flower crown, McLaren Vale

I decided semi-last minute to make this crown on the morning of- on the one hand I was pleased that my flower crown skill has improved such that it only took me ~20 minutes to make. On the other hand, it meant I didn’t have time to put on any make-up! (Although to be honest, it would’ve just been some lipstick and maybe some foundation to hide any Asian flush haha) I don’t wear make-up on a daily basis, but I remember feeling slightly self-conscious for not having put any on for the occasion or the photoshoot. I also felt my skirt was a bit longer than I liked (I prefer them just over the knee so that my legs don’t look even shorter than they are) It was a good chance for me to check myself- this is what I look like, regardless of any skin blemishes or proportions. I make flower crowns because I like Funny Hats, and I take photos because I enjoy displaying my creations, dressing up and going out on location with a friend! Hence why I shared my make-up free photos (i..e. on my personal social media- I am still wary of having my full face on my public blog!)

FUNNY HAT FRIDAYS: DIY fresh ivy flower crown, McLaren Vale

The vineyards and landscape were so pretty, a contrast of vivid green vines and dry golden grass of the late spring that beckoned forth summer against a backdrop of rolling hills and scattered eucalyptus trees. It was a special day of celebration too- I enjoyed spending the time with my siblings as well as reuniting with some of my brother’s closest friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to go explore a new place, make another headpiece and take a few more photos!

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