Funny Hat Friday: Lily Fresh flower crown

FUNNY HAT FRIDAYS: Fresh Lily Flowercrown

My mother bought some lilies to beautify the house while our relatives were visiting. Lilies are always best when bought as closed buds that promise to unfurl into delicate ruffle petals that eventually produce beautiful, full blooms. Once our relatives had left, what choice had I but to make a fresh flower crown?

Funny Hat Friday: Lily Fresh flower crown

As usual, I used fresh green vines as a base before securing the lilies to the vine circlet with green florist wire.

Funny Hat Friday: Lily Fresh flower crown  

With lilies, one thing to be mindful of is the stamen. This is the pollen-producing part of a flower that consists of a filament (stalk) and an anther at the end of the filament. In the case of lilies, the anthers contain a copious amount of dark orange pollen that stains clothing, nearby surfaces and the petals themselves. You can remove the whole stamen before it opens with pollen; in my case, I only removed the anther (my fingertips were stained for the rest of the day; the pollen looked like the flavoured powder that collects on your fingers after eating too many potato chips!)

Funny Hat Friday: Lily Fresh flower crown

I decided to style this lily headdress with this Malaysian shift dress, to convey a light-hearted, fresh tropical feel. The flowers of the batik print matched the lilies (batik is the resit dyeing technique that uses wax to prevent colour on certain parts of the fabric. This dress must be some thirty years old; we’ve had it ever since I was a small child, and given that this year was my mum’s first trip back to Malaysia in three decades, I can only assume that this dress is as old as that.

Funny Hat Friday: Lily Fresh flower crown

These photos were taken by my friends at Faith In Fools. Please forgive the photo quality; I was supposed to bring my good camera, but being the absent-minded person I am, completely forgot. But we still made do! xx


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