DIY teepees- Kitschella Party

DIY Kitsch + Coachella= Kitschella Party

Knowing that we are highly unlikely to make it to Coachella my friends at Faith in Fools, we wanted to create our own DIY version, an excuse to decorate and throw a party to celebrate the summer holidays with our friends. It would involve homemade tents and teepees, fairy lights, lanterns and copious amounts of bunting. It would be kitsch. It would be Coachella. It would be Kitsch +Coachella= Kitschella

Our guests (who had been advised to dress in their most colourful, cringe-est/most wonderful festival attire) were welcomed with a rainbow streamer doorway, homemade bread and lots of punch.

DIY teepees- Kitschella PartyDIY teepees- Kitschella Party

We used a variety of glitter paper bunting, scrap book print bunting and cloth bunting, and also hung up numerous paper lanterns.

DIY teepees- Kitschella Party  DIY teepees- Kitschella Party

We made two types of tents:

1. The first was a tent made with a hoop and drapes; the centre of the tent was suspended from a tree, making a circus tent/Turkish style canopy. As there was not enough cloth to form proper walls, the sides were supplemented with saris to add a pop of colour.

DIY teepees- Kitschella Party

2. The second tent was made using camping tent frame. After securing the rods into the ground with the tent pegs, we draped white lace cloth between the rods to create a cloth dome. (Here is my friend’s lovely border collie puppy-dog, Finn, who makes the cutest model!)

DIY teepees- Kitschella Party

Both tents were made more cosy with rugs, blankets and cushions, to make them really comfortable.

However, it was at night that the party really came to life:

DIY teepees- Kitschella Party

As mentioned previously, we wanted to hang up lots of fairy lights!

DIY teepees- Kitschella Party DIY teepees- Kitschella Party DIY teepees- Kitschella Party

Even the rainbow streamer entrance way was lit up in the night!

Are you inspired to have your own Kitschella party? xx


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