DIY TUTORIAL: Flower Sunhat

As you are probably aware, I love hats. Not only can they be striking accessories, they are incredibly important for sun safety! So for my birthday last year (a picnic mountain hike), I was determined to have a sunhat to protect me from the sun and be a beautiful birthday statement.

Removable Flower Sunhat DIY Tutorial

Tools and Materials:

Straw widebrim hat

Assortment of fake flowers, lace ribbon and other ornaments

Wide ribbon (for hat band)

Needle and thread matching flowers

DIY flower sunhat

Before we start: Basically, this is just sewing/gluing fake flowers to a ribbon, and then tying it around a hat.

This Tutorial can be summed up in 4 simple steps:,

  1. Measure ribbon/hatband
  2. Prepare and arrange flowers along ribbon/hatband
  3. Sew flowers to the ribbon/hatband

In case you want better instruction I’ve written out what I did in more detail:

DIY flower sunhat

1. Measure ribbon/hatband: Wrap the ribbon tightly around the hat, and be sure to a) leave plenty of ribbon at the ends for tying a knot and b) marking where on the ribbon the knot will be made (i.e. where the ribbon forms a full circle around the hat like where my thumb is in the above photo)

DIY flower sunhat

2. Prepare and arrange flowers along ribbon/hatband

  • *TIP 1* Pull/cut off as much of the plastic stems from your flowers, to ensure flat base for you to sew it to the ribbon

DIY flower sunhat

3. Sew flowers to the ribbon/hatband

  • *TIP 2* Most fake flowers have a hole in the centre; When sewing it to the ribbon, try to put your needle through the existing hole, because a) less holes= better structural integrity and b) plastic is hard to pierce.

DIY flower sunhat

  • *TIP 3* To make sure the flower stays still and doesn’t flop around during wear, sew it to multiple points along the ribbon to tether it. The threads in most ribbon tend to pull and be dragged quite easily (to make it pliable and soft and satiny), so take care not to pull too tightly whilst sewing.

DIY flower sunhat

  • *TIP 4* Like in my elastic floral headband tutorial, I’d recommend placing your larger flowers first, and use the smaller ones to fill in the gaps. Since the large flowers are the most eye-catching, their placement is most important to avoid upsetting the visual balance of the piece. It is also a lot easier to fill irregularly shaped gaps with multiple smaller flowers/pieces of lace ribbon, than to use a large flower as a filler.
  • *TIP 5* Remember the mark we made where the ribbons touch/where the knot will be made? Leave a few centimetres of ribbon without any flowers sewn to it, to allow you to actually tie the ribbon into a tight not around the hat.

DIY flower sunhat

Voilà, we’re done!

DIY flower sunhatDIY flower sunhat

– If you want your hat to permanently be a sunhat, then you can simply sew the completed flower ribbon to the hat. (any tips accounting for the knot is unnecessary)

– If you want the flexibility of adding different hatbands, but want to have more security, an optional step would be to sew a small thread loop in the same colour of the hat (in my case, pale beige), to act as a belt loop and keep the ribbon on the hat. Because the flowers would make it difficult to thread the ribbon through the loop, you would only be able to have a single loop where the knot is made. DIY flower sunhatDIY flower sunhat


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