Gifts for Guys- Christmas gift ideas

GIFT GIVING PART 1: Five Gifts for Guys

Getting gifts for people is really hard. Or rather, getting good gifts for people at a good price (I’ll be honest, I am the cheapest fashion-interested person ever…) But it can be made easier! In my mind, the best present:

a) is something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves
b) looks nice/appealing and makes them say “cool!”
c) practical or usable. This includes being one-size fits all for clothes/accessories

So I will be putting together a list of my go to presents, whether it be birthdays, Christmas, whatever (oh no, now all my friends will know my secret come birthday time!) Welcome to Part 1, Gifts for Guys

1. Bowties
Do you know why this works? It applies for any guy:
a) he’s a apathetic dresser, wears trackies and sneakers. He has no bowties, therefore a bowtie is something new, he’d never buy it for himself. Pick out a classic pattern/solid colour, and it’s bound to come in handy for 21st, weddings etc.
b) he’s a super snappy dresser, loves clothes. He already has bowties, but you can never have too many bowties. Pick out something quirky (e.g. paisley or velvet) and he’ll love it.
c) he’s somewhere in between, doesn’t love clothes but is presentable most days and can scrub up nicely for special occasions. He may have quite a few bowties, or maybe only two. Either way, reread b). You can never have too many bowties
The other appealing thing with bowties is that you it is socially acceptable to get them from op shops/vintage stores, where you can find some fun and cheap designs.
Practicalities: Since bowties are statement accessories for special occasions, an observant mind (or a good ol’ facebook stalk) should reveal any bowties he already owns to avoid repeats. And best of all, one size fits all.

2. Socks
Socks are even better than bowties in regards to ‘You can never have too many’, and even better for applicability to everyone. Literally everyone wears socks (I’m told even some cats do!) Even if the recipient isn’t much of a loud colours/patterns person, most people can make an exception for socks, given that they are typically hidden underneath long pants. Keep your eyes peeled for sales on Happy Socks, Asos, Dangerfield and other sock retailers.
Practicalities: Next time they come over and take of their shoes, sneakily check their shoe size. Or ask one of their family members. Either work.

3. Nerf Guns
They are cool, nostalgic and fun, and you can get guns range from cheap to more extravagant (e.g. a Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike blaster is ~$13) Plus, if you arm enough of your friends, you can totally get together for a Nerf gun war in the future!
Practicalities: If you have extra money, chuck in a pack of ammo, because darts are easily lost!

4. Game merchandise
The appeal is that it’s not a commonly given gift, and even if they don’t actively game anymore, nostalgia is a powerful thing. Case in point, some of the coolest gifts I have given/received are a)Nintendo amiibo, b)Legend of Zelda Link plushie, c) Legend of Zelda wallet, d) Super Mario mushroom container of mints, e) Final Fantasy Cactuar, f) Legend of Zelda piano arrangements music book, etc. (Now that I think of it, I have actually received quite a bit of merch…) There is lots of stuff for other franchises (e.g. Call of Duty, Halo, etc.) available, you just have to look. Check online for discounts, or else head over to your nearest Japanese merchandise store (e.g. Shin Tokyo or EB games) and browse around. The novelty is in the fact that it’s from a favourite game, so you can go for something cheaper (e.g. the Super Mario mints) that is still effective.
Practicalities: browse their game collection, ask their friends or stalk their Facebook for their favourite games

5. Cologne
This isn’t the most versatile gift (simply because most people only need one fragrance in their life) but a lot of guys won’t buy themselves cologne, and it is a classy gift. Next time you see him at a gathering, make sure to breath deeply when greeting them to ascertain if they use cologne. This is especially a good gift for your significant other because then YOU get to pick a scent that you like (definitely a bonus we discovered when choosing a cologne for my friend’s boyfriend)
Practicalities: Get yourself to your local department store to test samples, then scour online/chain chemist stores for fragrance discounts.


Guys, what are the best gives you’ve ever given/received?


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