FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: Bougainvillea Fresh Flower Crown

My new sister-in-law (hooray!) once expressed wishes of having a fresh flower crown for her wedding. After much thought, she eventually decided to go instead for a smaller sprig of flowers for a more elegant look (a perfect choice in the end!). But I knew, her fresh flower crown dreams persisted, and there is nothing more wonderful than to create something for someone you love. During preparation for her bridal shower before the wedding, I was determined to make these dreams come true.

My previous Jacaranda fresh flower crown actually had two purposed: a) to fulfil my own jacaranda flower dreams, and b) a fresh flower crown test run for her bridal shower. In this first attempt, I learned the importance of secure wiring to stop the flowers moving/falling out, and also that flowers with soft, pulpy petals wilted quickly (even in the space of 1-2hrs during the photoshoot, the jacarandas began to wilt)

With this in mind, I chose bougainvillea as the perfect plant for this project. The petals are a dryer, more papery consistency that could withstand the whole day of activities planned for our bride-to-be. They also grow in great abundance and from a distance have a very striking appearance. I have always loved bougainvillea, especially since my trip to Israel, where eruptions of vivid fuchsia colour grew everywhere along highways and garden walls.

Just like the jacaranda flower crown, I used flexible green vines to make a circlet as a base, then attached the bougainvillea with florist wire. I decided to keep the bougainvillea’s natural leaves, rather than add foliage from other plants.

FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: Bougainvillea fresh flower crownFUNNY HAT FRIDAY: Bougainvillea fresh flower crown

My sister-in-law really loved them! It was also a great day to start the festivities of the day (upon completing a quiz on her husband-to-be in order to earn her right to join ‘the bride tribe’, she was given an honourary badge and crowned with bougainvillea and a ‘bride-to-be’ sash) They looked great against her ombre curls too ❤

FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: Bougainvillea fresh flower crown FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: Bougainvillea fresh flower crown
To maintain their ‘oomph’ during the day, I picked them and assembled it fresh that very morning, sprayed them with water and kept them in a sealed tupperware container until she was ready to be crowned. They lasted from morning to night. The great thing about bougainvillea is that it also dries/preserves well, so she could keep her flower crown as a memento (I kept the off cuts as colourful, albeit scentless, potpourri!)

And the main thing was, my sister-in-law was very happy that day. All in all, a great success!


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