It’s Friday… a Funny Hat Friday! This is actually a creation/photoshoot from 2013 (#flashbackfriday), inspired by my Year 12 Atlantis-themed formal.

Using a fabric/quilted head band as a base, I sewed seashells, spined leaves (if someone knows the name of this tree, let me know!) and potpourri (painted in bright coral colours) to create a marine headpiece with tangled ‘seaweed’ and ‘coral’.
FUNNY HAT FRIDAY ATLANTIS HEADDRESSThe headdress was completed with a dolphin figurine as a tall focal point.  FUNNY HAT FRIDAY ATLANTIS HEADDRESSFUNNY HAT FRIDAY ATLANTIS HEADDRESSAnd the look completed with a vivid marine/fish themed dress and a sandalwood fan.FUNNY HAT FRIDAY ATLANTIS HEADDRESSIt’s a busy time of year, but it’s important to keep at your hobbies and stay creative. Even if it takes you two years to sort out your photos (*laughs awkwardly*) Until next time xx


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