Australia Day Eucalyptus Headdress

FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: Australia Day Eucalyptus headdress

January 26 was Australia Day, and thus the perfect opportunity (or should I say excuse) to prepare another headdress. I prepared three different designs, but this is the one that came to fruition.

I used some green vines (with leaves removed) and wound them into each other to form a wreath as a base. Once dried, the vines retain their circlet shape. After that, I used green eucalyptus bunches and gum nuts and wove them into it. Since eucalyptus leaves are long and thin, I wrapped them around the existing vines, in order to create a spiral/plaited look (and prevent random spikey eucalyptus leaves sticking out too tall)

Australia Day Eucalyptus Headdress Australia Day Eucalyptus Headdress Australia Day Eucalyptus Headdress  Australia Day Eucalyptus HeaddressAustralia Day Eucalyptus Headdress

I wanted to add flowers to it, but unfortunately there weren’t any flowering gum trees in my area! Once I arrived at my friend’s Aus Day Party, I accidentally interrupted festivities by yelling “Your tree has flowers in it!!!” and subsequently added them to the headdress

Unfortunately the flowers soon withered over the course of mere hours, and several days later the unopened gum nuts burst open, leaving a mess of small seeds in my hallway. The headdress itself and the now opened gum nuts remain preserved however, so it survives to this day xx


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