bird flower crown

FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: Birds in Paradise: Avian Flower Crown

When I was traveling in Kuala Lumpur at the beginning of 2014, I came a cross a vendor selling beautiful flower crowns with braided ties at the back. Some of them had little birds in them, which delighted me immensely, and I knew I had to get my hands on something similar.
Bird Flower Crown
These particular headbands were a bit pricier than I wanted to pay ($25AUD for birdless, $30 for birds) and so as usual, I decided to DIY it. This would also give me the gratification of being able to state that it was ME who made it when asked by friends (hehe)

I intended to make the flower crown myself as I had done previously (tutorial here), but lo and behold, I found a $5 one at Sportsgirl. For the cost of time and materials, sometimes it’s better off just to buy.

The birds are foam, and were a little pricy (I should start shopping craft supplies online) but it was worth it. Using wire (recycled paperclips) and ordinary PVA glue (I’m too cheap for E6000!) I was able to secure the birds to the headband and make this durable little number in time for Groovin’ The Moo 2014 last year

Bird Flower Crown

Bird Flower Crown Bird Flower Crown Bird Flower Crown  Bird Flower Crown

More details/tutorial on request, don’t forget to follow on Instagram xx


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