Studded Statement Bracelet Clutch DIY

DIY TUTORIAL: Studded Statement Bracelet Clutch

Last minute DIY parties are the best. Because I don’t know about you, but I get distracted really easily on my own, leaving behind a disastrously messy path of unfinished projects. Furthermore, the last minuteness forces you to go Iron Chef and do what you can with the key ingredient (or whatever craft stuff you can find) In my case, I brought a gaudy bracelet and a sleek (but sadly plain) clutch. Big thank you to Faith in Fools for hosting!

Studded Statement Bracelet Clutch Tutorial

Tools and Materials: Plain clutch

Statement bracelet (with chain)

Press studs (or flat back studs)

Glue for studs (or glue gun)

Jewellery pliers (to remove clasp)

Tailors chalk


Needle and thread matching clutch

Studded Statement Bracelet Clutch DIY


Before we start: Basically this is just sewing/gluing a statement bracelet to a plain clutch and attaching the studs in a geometric pattern

This Tutorial can be summed up in 4 simple steps:

  1. Sewing/Gluing bracelet to clutch
  2. Pressing/Gluing studs to clutch around the bracelet

In case you want better instruction I’ve written out what I did in more detail:


1. Sewing/Gluing bracelet to clutch: Mark the midway line that you’re going to sew the bracelet too.

*TIPI f you have an irregular-shaped clutch like mine, draw a rectangle in the centre and use its borders to find midway (if you use the actual border of the clutch, you may end up with a slanted line

Remove the clasps if possible. Sew the bracelet along the midway line with couple of small stitches through the chain to keep it firmly in place.

*TIP 1* If the clasp is to thick to remove, sew the bracelet on with the lobster clasp on the bottom edge; you can use it to hang tassels/other temporary embellishments

*TIP 2* When stitching the chain in place, avoid twisting it/sew through the same side of the chain so that it looks neat and sits flush with the clutch



When you reach the gemstone, glue it down securely. Once set, continue stitching the second half of the chain until the whole bracelet is firmly in place.




2. Pressing/Gluing studs to clutch around the bracelet: Once you’ve decided on a pattern, attach the studs to the clutch. For press studs, gently press them in to leave indents as a guide to stud placement. For flat-back studs, simply mark with tailor’s chalk before gluing them down


*TIP* If the clutch is too thick to use press studs (as mine was), push three of the prongs flat to provide a surface for the glue to adhere to (as indicated in red). Then bend the fourth prong at 45° and pierce it into the cloth, add glue to the back and press down (by having one prong penetrating the clutch, it will provide a physical attachment in case the glue fails, preventing the studs from falling off easily)

Studded Statement Bracelet Clutch DIY


Et voila. Now I just want to make a temporary embellishment or metallic/leather tassel to attach to the clasp.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Faith in Fools! xx

P.P.S. Apologies for the poor quality work-in-progress photos (phone cameras only get you so far)


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