Balloons and chalk party decorations

DIY IDEAS/PICTORIAL: Balloons away, it’s a birthday party!

Is there anything more whimsical and childlike than balloons and chalk? (ok, maybe sparklers or bubble blowers! And old school video games/boardgames!)

I didn’t want to spend too much on decor for my birthday (the funny hat themed one), opting instead to have some DIY fun:

  • I picked up some Crayola sidewalk chalk (only a couple of dollars!) to help guide my party guests (and my friend/caterer, Xarchaeceya) down the right path…

Balloons and chalk party decorations

…. just so that they could be greeted by a balloon curtain!

Balloons and chalk party decorations

In hindsight, we should’ve hung up more than 100. Lifehack- enlist a woodwind/brass player to help you blow balloons; mine plays sax

  • We also had some fun making a bazillion (ok, maybe not quite that many, but it felt like it!) tissue paper flowers. There are many tutorials online, however one correction I found that made it way easier was to use a paper clip instead of florist/jewellery wire: either use paperclips wide enough to slide onto your tissue paper and compress it tight, or bend the clip into and S-shape, fit onto the tissue paper and refold back into it’s original shape. Cheap, sturdy, doesn’t necessarily need pliers and leaves a hook for you to tie string to easily


  • Don’t forget paper lanterns around the DJ decks either (not that I made these…..)

Paper lanterns party decorations

Fortunately/unfortunately, the weather went from a classic Aussie summer 37°C to cool and blustery. We were blessed that there was a cool change and that out street managed to retain electricity, despite falling branches and power lines. However, it was too windy to hang up my balloon curtain properly, so we had to take it down!

But it made for a fun pictorial the following day, for my bro to try out different shutter speeds and lenses; enjoy!

Balloons away pictorialOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Balloons away pictorial

Balloons away pictorial


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