Groovin’ The Moo- GTM 2014

First music festival ever! Whoo!


  • Checking out new music (I’ll be listening to more Robert Delong, Thundamentals, the Jungle Giants and Disclosure, amongst others)
  • Getting photos and signatures with Vance Joy (who was super nice) and the Naked and Famous (who liked my aviary flower crown… heads up for a new Funny Hat Friday in the near future!)
  • Festival Fashion! So many clashing prints and sweaters around the waists and leather shoulder purses and headdresses… and my mother questioned my sanity with MY flower crown! After milling around and admiring other people’s outfits (girls AND guys), I wish I had gone with my print shirt! Kudos to the people who lasted all day in the cow onesies (and to me for finally figuring after several hours out the pun of their costumes…)


thesheepinwolvesclothing-GTM2014 thesheepinwolvesclothing-GTM2014thesheepinwolvesclothing-GTM2014 thesheepinwolvesclothing-GTM2014thesheepinwolvesclothing-GTM2014 thesheepinwolvesclothing-GTM2014

In the end, a good time was had by all. Thank you to my friends for taking me out xx

And don’t forget, I’m now on instagram!


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