DIY TUTORIAL: 2 Last Minute DIY Gifts with Nail Polish for/from Anybody

So it’s the Christmas Eve Eve, and stores are getting pretty hectic. Thus, I present to you (no pun intended) two lst minute DIYS that don’t require specialty supplies/tools. I’ve proven this with the fact that I did some of the night before/on the day for my teachers (not because I didn’t give it enough thought, but because I’m disorganised!)


Tools and Materials: Nail Polish
Glass Jar with Lid

Before We Start: There isn’t really much to say about this. Just use the nailbrush, skewers, stencils and/or masking tape to decorate your jars (I had stripes and ‘C is for cookie’)

Nail Polish Glass Cookie JarsNail Polish Glass Cookie Jars 2


  • Depending on the opacity of your polish, multiple coats are needed (My turqouise stripes needed about 5 coats, whilst the brown needed two)
  • Initials on the lid are a nice personal touch; plus for my jar lids, I found that I only needed 2 and 1 coats respectively for turqouise and green
  • Plastic stencils are a bit fiddly! Next time I’ll probably use paper so that I can work with the curve of the jar, rather than awkwardly trying to tilt my stencils
  • If you don’t have time to make cookies/truffles/whatever to put inside, just buy them 😛 It’ll look great with the coloured wrappers
  • CAUTION: Although I looked extensively online, I found little information about the longevity of polish. Thus, I recommended to my teachers not to use the dishwasher and mainly wash the inside and just wipe the outside



Tools and Materials: Pens with lids
Nail Polish
Origami Paper/Washi Tape (optional)

Before we start: Basically, we’re just using nail polish to decorate pens, or as a clear coat over paper that has been glued to the pen. Use all your favourite nail art designs and have fun ❤

Nail Polish and Origami Paper Pens Nail Polish Ombre pen


  • Be aware of where you hold a pen, i.e. less 3-D patterns here (I did solid origami paper, and solid ombre polish for smooth finishes)
  • If using one colour scheme, then try to match it with the ink. It just makes things easier
  • To dry the polish, I wedged a steel ruler in between dvds/books in a shelf and then slid the pens onto the ruler (using the lid like you would a shirt pocket)

Hopefully both of these diys were helpful; just remember to leave drying time! And these really are for anybody (I gave the jars to two male teachers, and the pens to a female one) Maybe you can get ideas for other stuff you can decorate with polish too. Lastly, apologies for the mediocre photos, my usual photographer (a.k.a, my brother) wasn’t around to take them for me! Merry Christmas! xx



  1. The funniest thing is: I looked at the girl on the left and said- hey, I have that cardigan… wait, I also have that skirt… is that me? 😀
    (I have no recollection whatsoever as to when this photo was taken; but in case you were wondering, I’m totally fine with the photo ^^)

    Also, novice question: how would you dry the nail polish-painted pen? Would the ink drip if you left it upright?

    1. Hahahaha! Sorry, I should have asked you first, but I figured that you couldn’t see either of our faces, so you wouldn’t mind

      Thanks for the question, I edited the post to include it in the tips (I wedged a ruler in a book case and hung the pens by their lids :P) I found the polish didn’t drip too much, it dried really quickly which made the ombre a little difficult actually

      Looking forward to see you next year, it’s the end of an era in Europe, hey?

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