DIY Meerkat Plush

My history teacher (or rather former history teacher… yay for graduating! XD) is really into those Compare the Meerkat/Market ads. So I wanted to get her a meerkat plush toy to compliment the How To Rule The World book I gave her. Except that I neglected the fact that meerkats are unusual toys to stock in store, and that buying online means delivery time…

So I figured, she’s been awesome, she was my teacher in multiple subjects and she’d really appreciate the effort of a handmade toy! So voila, I translated my teddy bear skills (and childhood years making felt Pokemon plushies) into meerkat making:

DIY Meerkat plush 1DIY Meerkat plush 2Β  DIY Meerkat plush 3 DIY Meerkat plush 4DIY Meerkat plush 5

I put him together the day before I went in to school (I naively hoped that I would be able to say goodbye to all my teachers in one day… turns out it takes four to catch everyone) so I modified the teddy bear pattern as I went along. He’s weighed down with barley grains at the base. If there’s enough interest, I can make a tutorial. It’ll take some time, but I’d be keen if you are. Simples! xx



  1. Hi there, I live in South Africa and would love a pattern for your meerkat if possible? Kind regards

    Jane Mackenzie

  2. Hi!
    Great job, I really love your desing and I would like a copy of yout pattern, if it’s not too much trouble (Please, please, please πŸ˜€ )

    1. Hi Mila! Glad you like it πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, I no longer have the pattern and would have to re-design it (I did a very crude pattern for myself that required a lot of editing throughout, so I’d only want to publish a perfect, polished copy!) I will definitely be publishing one at some point, but that might take a few months and can’t make any promises at this stage 😦

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