Jim Daws- Magic Circle

VISIT: Jim Daws Art Exhibition @ Mt Osmond, Adelaide

If anyone is in Adelaide over the next three weeks, please take the time to see these vivid and whimsical oil paintings. They are part of an art exhibition by Jim Daws which is being held at the Mt Osmond Golf Club from November 22-December 13.

The theme and title of the exhibition is ‘A Nostlagic Look At Childhood.’ I had the privilege of being invited to the opening night, because the artist in question is actually my old Year 4 teacher!

So really, it was an especially ‘Nostalgic Look At Childhood’ for me, not only for seeing Mr Daws’ art, but also because a few of my retired primary school teachers were there. Two days after I finish my last school exam ever, and I have the chance to see my Year 1 teacher for the first time in over 10 years (she left the school once I was in Year 2)

But yes, I was super impressed with the artwork (and super depressed that I couldn’t afford any of it…) So take a look at some of my favourites below and head to the website to see more works and get more details. Enjoy!

Jim Daws- Double Trouble Secrets

‘Double Trouble Secrets’

Jim Daws- Friends are For Loving

‘Friends are For Loving’

Jim Daws- Light Years Aheadd

‘Light Years Ahead’

Jim Daws- Magic Circle

‘Magic Circle’

All credits to www.artwithbalance.com.au


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