thesheepinwolvesclothing apple headdress 1

FUNNY HAT FRIDAY: Autumn Apple Headdress

Welcome to the first official installment of Funny Hat Fridays! Here is where I share fortnightly pictorials of my beloved millinery collection, whether they are original creations or fun finds.

The Backstory: I love interesting headpieces; they’re such a great accessory that can be low-key and practical, or extremely extravagant.

HOWEVER, IĀ  don’t know if it’s just me, but people just don’t wear hats? Is it an Australian thing, or do I only (rarely) see broad-brim hats when you’re at the beach/camping/at a barbecue, and maybe an occasional beanie if its cold? I dunno, but I had all these hats and headbands and stuff that I just never had an opportunity to wear.

So during Year 12 (matric) I started wearing headpieces to school every Friday. An acquaintance (unknowingly) dared me to do it for the rest of the year and BAM! Funny Hat Friday’s were born.

It was too difficult for me to take photos every week, so with this fortnightly segment I present to you the best of Funny Hat Fridays.


thesheepinwolvesclothing apple headdress 1 thesheepinwolvesclothing apple headdress 2 thesheepinwolvesclothing apple headdress 3 thesheepinwolvesclothing apple headdress 4

Any thoughts? If there’s enough interest, I’ll post a tutorial for my apple headdress. Feel free to comment below xx



    1. See, that’s what I was thinking. I know floral headbands are in at the moment (seriously, they’re in all the accessory stores) but not a huge number of people wearing them?

      I think statement headpiecees work, but personally I’m always a bit wary of wearing anything outside of the usual flower crown because it might look funny since I’m asian? Hehe, maybe I’m just paranoid šŸ˜›

  1. Just a question: how does one wear a statement headpiece like that in Australia and not feel out of place? I love headpieces too, but often I find myself choosing not to wear them out for fear of standing out like a sore thumb >_<

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