Hey ‘Everybody,’ SHINee’s back!

I wasn’t prepared for a SHINee comeback until the release of the album on the 14th, so imagine my mini-freakout surprise when I saw an article on Soompi France announcing the unveiling of the music video for their title track ‘Everybody.’

Fashion-wise, it wasn’t totally mind-blowing for me (like Dream Girl or Sherlock) but I liked what I saw. In the teasers, the military theme had a theatrical twist (and you can never go wrong with military)

SHINee Everybody Teaser- Minho red tailcoat military jacket

It was vaguel reminiscient of ‘Why So Serious?’ and the patchwork uniforms, but it also felt slightly cleaner (to match the clockwork toys theme, rather than the zombies of WSS.)

SHINee Everybody- group military black and white

Altered military uniforms, especially Onew in the centre

The fashion was also somewhat reminiscient of ‘Dream Girl’, with its detailed print suits. However, this also felt cleaner than the whimsical skinny jean suits, with a monochrome pallette and fierce metallic accessories (actually, some of the choices reminded me of U-Kiss’s Stop Girl, especially with the chessboard/piece scenes?

My favourite outfits were the navy print suits; I loved the panelled colour-blocking, like Jonghyun on the right.

SHINee Everybody MV- Jonghuun centre, group print

Now, that’s enough about the fashion until I get time to do a ‘How to Wear post’ (which won’t be until December after exams)

As for the song and video:

  • The song was kinda… meh… A little too electro/auto-tuned for me. It didn’t really do anything for me at all. I did enjoy more Minho singing parts though, and it has an easy chorus to sing along to!
  • The dance: Pretty good. I really loved the clockwork part at about 2:00. And it was nice to see SHINee with a more dance focused MV (they weren’t named the Best Dance Group at the 2012 MAMA Awards for no reason) Overall though, it wasn’t as inspiring as Sherlock or Lucifer
  • The video: Still a classic SM box video (although I actually don’t mind these that much, since I like the groups :P) with the members dancing in rooms with crazy lighting. The opening was interesting though, and I loved watching Jonghyun smash those statues, and I did like their collapse at the finale
  • Other points: Firstly, I was half expecting a ‘SHINee’s back…’ whisper at the beginning, but I guess they’re (rightfully) trying to avoid doing a JYP shout-out in every song. Secondly, the concept seemed to suit Jonghyun, Key and even Minho pretty well. Not too sure about Onew; it’s too hard to figure out what he’s actually like beyond his idol public image. Maybe he enjoys the glam, grungy electro feel? Maybe not? And Taemin fit in really well; he has a good smoulder and just loves to perform (I wasn’t expecting him in the fur coat though…)

In conclusion: The fashion was pretty cool, but not mind-blowing. I liked that they were trying a new song style and concept, but I wasn’t sold on it. And as much as I love more material from SHINee, I can’t help but pity them. I mean, a two-part full-length album, a Japanese release and a mini album? Within 9 months? Meanwhile they’re doing TV and musical gigs, not to mention Jonghyun was out of action for a bit due to a car accident (which they could delay their schedule for…) Geez SM, give them a break! Plus I think it oversaturates their presence in the public eye: I like a bit more anticipation. It’s for these reasons that I’m also hoping EXO won’t release another album until at least December.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Look out for a how-to-wear post at the end of the year (I really shouldn’t be posting until exams are over…)


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