HAIR PLAY: Pastel Coloured Streaks

Just a quick post today: I am currently loving ‘candy-coloured hair’ and pastel streaks. They’re quirky and interesting, without the intensity of bolder colours.

Hyoyeon I got a Boy Teaser

Girls Generation’s Hyoyeon- I Got A Boy Teaser

Katy Perry blue/aqua/magenta colour hair streak

Katy Perry 2010

Kim Yoon Ah- Dazed and Confused, pink and white hair, pearls and print

Kim Yoon Ah for Dazed and Confused 2010

Lady Gaga candy coloured hair

Lady Gaga on Fame Ball Asian Tour

Sehun Wolf Yearbook

EXO-K’s Sehun- Wolf Photobook

SHINee's Key- Japanese Lucifer Release

SHINee’s Key- Japanese Lucifer Release

Is this look accessible for non-celebrities though? I love the way its been styled as an edgier and fierce look in the above examples, but the only time I’ve ever seen pastel-dyed hair in real life is solid colour, styled with a more quirky Harajuku vibe? Is it accessible for guys? I know some fans hated Sehun’s rainbow hair for EXO’s Wolf promotions…

How to do it at home? Well, SHINee’s Key shared this photo of himself via Instagram. But for a more temporary solution, then perhaps kool-aid (not that we have that in Australia, as far as I’m aware…) or hair chalk? However, I have yet to find a suitable way to temporarily colour black hair; past experiences with chalking were not super successful, but I’ll save my renewed endeavours for Summer and another post!

SHINee's Key self-dying hair (via his Instagram)

SHINee’s Key self-dying hair (via his Instagram)

Anyways, what are your thoughts on rainbow hair? I think it’s totally boss 😛



  1. Nathan no likey me with ombre hair! (slightly out of topic but close enough) Maybe you could convince him it’s something that would fly while I’m still in my 20s? Pastel is definitely not a hair colour to have whilst job-seeking (although legally they shouldn’t be discriminating for these things, but then again, it doesn’t look professional, unless you’re in the fashion/media/artistic industry). I also don’t think I can take a guy with pastel hair seriously! Maybe subtle streaks under thick hair for general everyday life! And for black hair- you’d definitely need to bleach some streaks for hair chalk to show!

    1. Ah, so that’s why he asked me what I think of ombre hair while I was watching SbsPopasia (he scoffed when I said I liked it :P)

      Yeah, I agree. I was trying to explain to him that most of the cool looks aren’t really translatable to real life, so if I say a guy with pastel hair/eyeliner/etc., it’d be weird….?

      1. Hahahaha yes he showed me a video called ‘Hanabi’ by this singer called Ai! And boo, he is quite adamant against the ombre… it’s OK, I’ve sort of given up..
        We’ll just have to deal with being normal people… :p

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