HOW TO WEAR: SHINee Dream Girl (Why So Serious?)

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m the most irregular blogger ever. I’M SORRY!!!

But today I will post the first in a series of How To Wear (insert random style here), taking inspiration from TV, music, high fashion etc! Hooray!

I’ve noticed that a lot of posts on this topic mainly offer info on where to get similar items, rather than tips on how to wear it if you’re not a model/celebrity and live in the real world where we want to look chic, but not necessarily super bright/bling.

So here we go: And even though K-Pop isn’t for everyone, and I don’t adore all of their choices, I do love their overall look of bold prints and blazers. Yes, today, SHINee’s back, with Dream Girl/Why So Serious (Ah, SM with your devious two-part album that has now stolen sixty of my dollars….)

SHINee Dream Girl Official Group Teaser

Basically this look is print/colourblock jeans and blazers. It has a sophisticated feel with the button tops and blazers, but is also quirky and whimsical with colours and prints, and modern with the jeans and sneakers. This is the style they’ve gone with when performing Dream Girl on various music shows. Now that they’re promoting Part 2 of their Third Album (Why So Serious?) They’re going with similar cuts, but with a less whimsical feel and more of a rocker vibe (i.e. monochrome prints, colour blocking or subdued colours, leather jackets vs. the eclectic neons/florals of Dream Girl)

SHINee TV Daily

So how to wear it in the real world? Here are my tips:

  1. The outfit is jeans, top and blazer right? So go one coloured, one print and one neutral. The coloured and print are bold without being overly so.
  2. Pick a pallette. Don’t go rainbow. Cool with hints of red and yellow, warm with splatters of blue. ROGYBIV is perhaps a little juvenile, yeah?
  3. Dress it down. Too formal/preppy? Swap the button shirt for a print tee (SHINee and K-Pop in general are known for the bold tee and skinny jeans look)
  4. Tailoring is important. It’s not unsurprising that a bright item of clothing will draw the eye, so the poorly fitting clothing will be noticable. Also, it’s important to prevent one’s figure from being overwhelmed by the colour/print (especially if you’re petite like me!)
  5. Minimilist Accessories. The outfit itself is a statement. However, if you really want larger pieces, then avoid colours and stick to metals.
  6. For warmer weather: Hi-waisted shorts. Skirts… don’t suit in my opinion…If the blazer is too warm, go with a button shirt as an outer.

Here’s my take:SheepInWolvesClothing Dream Girl 1SheepInWolvesClothing Dream Girl 2SheepInWolvesClothing Dream Girl 3

Did you guys like SHINee’s look? How do you think it translates to the real world? Did you think these tips were wise, or do you diagree? 🙂



  1. The long outfits with long pants would look good with a pair of black pumps/any heels to wear at night! (I personally don’t think shorts and heels suit!) My favourite is the first one, with the red blazer and shoes ^_^

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