DIY IDEAS: Photographic memory cards

Erhmehgersh, I haven’t posted for two months! šŸ˜„

And well, step-by-step tutorials take a while to produce for the technologically illiterate like me. So while I psych myself for a clothing/jewellery tute, here’s an idea for a simple present (Chrismas perhaps?)

Homemade memory cards!

I got inspiration from this Modcloth product (In the Modcloth game, you have to match the portrait photo with the lower body outfit):

Modcloth- OMG, Choose Memory Game Street Style

Modcloth- Street Style Memory Game

The difference with our personalised version?

Well, this is where your well-honed Facebook stalking skills finally have a productive, real-world application! Find photos of you and your friend at different events, and then have a relatedĀ photo without you in it.Ā (So this will probably only work if you know them really well…)

Do you get what I mean? For example, say you went on holiday to Sydney. Find a photo of you two out and about, and then find a photo of an iconic, Sydney related thing (Opera House, Harbour Bridge, whatever)

Make it harder by gettingĀ  photos of yourself in places that are hard to recognise: (e.g. a silhouetted photo of your visit to Sydney aquarium, matched to a Sydney city photo)

You could do it with specific parties, and pick a second picture with the costume theme, or if you guys did a special group present or something.

The great thing about this is that you can reminisce about friendship while you play. So:

1. Log into Facebook (thank goodness for See Friendship….) and raid your photo library

2. Print your pairs onto white card and get cutting

3. And play!!!!!



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