Military Fashion is Fantastic Baby

Just a short post today:

Did anybody else watch Australian X-Factor last night? While I was watching Fourtunate’s performance of Dedication to My Ex (nicely done, I should add) I couldn’t help but be reminded of  Big Bang’s photos for their 5th Mini Album Alive?

Above: Fourtunate from Australian X-Factor (October 1st)

Interestingly (well, not really, but anyway) the judges on X-Factor were unsure if Fourtunate could pull off ‘sexy.’ Hate it when media is overly so and praised for being so, but anyway, it was a good performance without being too… provocative (Hooray!) But yeah, the outfits reminded me of another male idol group…

Below: Big Bang’s Taeyang, G-Dragon and T.O.P

Can the Collective please do an English version of Sorry Sorry? Just saying… (for those of you who haven’t realised, I’m the biggest ELF) That’d be Fantastic Baby


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