DIY IDEAS: Body Art (in 1, 2, 3)

We’ve all wanted to be temporarily inked up at one point or another, right? (It can’t just be me, right… right?!?) I’m not one for hardcore tattoos, but sometimes a little body art is a little fun. Ballpoint pens are good friends (just don’t do it to often and wreak havoc on your skin’s health) but surely there’s got to be something more exciting we can do than just the plain ol’ black and blue! Here are three main ideas I’ve been playing with:

1. Coloured markers
Poscas, highlighters, you name it. The thickness of the lines and the bright colours lend themselves to more whimsical and playful designs. You can add colour to subdued outfits, plus the colour makes it easier for people to figure out what you’ve actually drawn, for those of you who are artistically challengedlike me. (Inspiration: Super Junior, Mr Simple album art, Jenna’s ukelele)

Super Junior Body artAcrylic Painted Ukelele-Jenna Free People

2. Paper decoupage

Well, if you’re gonna draw stuff, wouldn’t it be cool to have texture and printed patterns and use scrap booking paper or wrapping paper? Floral prints would be awesome! I’m thinking you’d cut them out like scales or mosaic. Once I get some body glue, I’ll try it out and post the results

3. 3-D decorations

Speaking of, while you’re gluing stuff to your body, you might as well go all out and have 3-D body art. Get some plastic, silk or real (or sugar flowers, for the very sweet!) flowers and some body glue and go wild. (Inspiration: Tommy Ton Street Fashion, Super Junior, Sexy Free and Single album art)

Tommy Ton Fall 2012- 3-D Floral face decorationsSuper Junior, Sexy, Free and Single Japan-Eunhyuk flower ring and daisy eyes

It doesn’t just have to be flowers, however. Do like Gotye and be a human disco ball?

Gotye mirror disco ball face mosaic

Or perhaps a metal lightning bolt à la Lady Gaga’s Poker Face?

Lady Gaga Poker Face-Gold metal lightning bolt face detail

Next time I feel like getting inked, I hope to expand beyond my usual pens (I find myself always using the same designs and styles) and do something bold. Did these pics inspire you as much as they did me?



    1. Hey, that’s really cool! I’d love to try that (especially the fourth one where her eyelashes merge into the flower) It would have been awesome for my friend’s floral party last month 😛 Any particular body decoration you’re thinking of?

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