Florence + The Machine

I went to go see her last Tuesday, and wow! I never realised she was such a good singer.

It was my first big concert and my first date ❤ Guess who I took? None of my friends could

That’s right… it was my brother’s girlfriend! (Kudos to you if you guessed that one) He didn’t want my ticket, so I took her on a date (althought technically, she took me, since she drove, payed for parking and had the tickets…)

Anyway, the music was great (even though I only knew Shake It Out and Never Let Me Go from her newer album) and more importantly (for all of use here, anyway), her stage outfit was incredible.

Florence and the Machine Ceremonials Tour, Melbourne 2012

Our seats were to the side, so we could see her coming up the stairs as this great caped character. Quite dramatic, with the fluttering black and beaded epaulets, non?

But it got much more exciting once she started to dance, because then it became apparent that the black fabric was not opaque. Rather, it was gather chiffon/tulle that appeared black when bunched up, but actually hid a tribal print cape underneath.

Florence and the Machine, Melbourne 2012- Print

Florence and the Machine in Concert at Alexandra Palace in London - March 9, 2012And then bam! She throws of the cape to show off this beaded black number. I originally thought it was velvet, but from looking at photos afterwards, it seems to be a more satiny/leathery fabric. My friend and I liked her dainty manner, with the black tights and ballet flats.

Florence and the Machine, Cardiff 2012- Black body suit

Anyways, I’ve been scheming of translating her looks into more practical wear for daytime. I shall keep you all posted on how that turns out. Catchya xx


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