So, me and my buddy in Ballarat like to exchange presents and letters via mail. (leave me alone, grammar nazis!) It started with a bracelet for her birthday, and a bracelet in return, and then a necklace and etc. If you have any friends in another city/state/country, I highly recommend penpal-ing. Screw facebook, there’s nothing like getting a mysterious package. Plus, it’s great motivation to keep DIYing and keeping your artistic skills up.

Anyway, I guess we got bored of sending jewellery after a while.

And thus, she painted this picture for me, which I love.

I’m only proficient with coloured pencils, and watercolour is a pretty difficult medium. Plus, look at her! She’s so indie!

For funsies, I thought it’d be cool to recreate this painting as a photograph.Alors, voila!

Do you like my fake wind? Big thanks to my Ballarat Buddy and my lovely photographer. All the elements were found in my house; I don’t even remember anyone buying them, they’ve been around so long! The floral headband was made by yours truly, keep an eye out for the upcoming tutorial.



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