DIY IDEAS: Living in the Present (x4)

Well, I’m back. From where exactly? From somewhere, that’s for sure 😛

I meant to post this at the beginning of the year, all prepped for the new year of birthdays. But, well, I’m lazy. And busy. And now I have some more birthdays coming up and you know what birthdays mean.


So here are 4 cute birthday ideas I present to you (pun not intended), if you’re cheap and you like a personal touch for your presents.

1. Craft Bundles
Ok, so maybe this one isn’t handmade, but if you have an artsy friend, here are some supplies that I know that I myself can never have enough of:
a) Sketch books. Nothing beats some nice, acid-free, high-density cartridge paper. And a range of lead pencils (HB, 2B and 6B is a good start)
b) Fabric paint pens. Easy to use, perfect for the DIY fashionista. If you have the cash, Posca markersare amazing… just saying…

c) Fabric bundles. And if it’s your birthday coming up soon after, you might want to pick some nice prints, tie it up with some nice ribbon and mention how much you need a new [insert garment here] Hint hint…

2. Little Boxes
My friend did this for my birthday last year. Simply made out of paper, she did one box for each year of my age and put a little note, photo and knick-knack. Of course, you can pick what to put inside. Make it anonymous for extra fun (xoxo Gossip Girl)

3. A Jar of Stars
My other friend did this for me last year (man that was an awesome birthday) Sorry for the cruddy picture.

Photo courtesy of kurostarSunny
Get a cute little jar and fill it with easy-to-make lucky stars. Some ribbon and pretty paper later, you have a quaint, decorative gift.

4. Prompt Pad
Perfect for the wordsmith-on-the-go. As a writer myself, I love keeping my skills finetuned with a good prompt (Prompt tables are always handy)and short story. Buy a cute notebook (blank, lined pages are best with a spiral binding for convenience) and put a prompt word up top every second page or so. Inspiration is handy, people! You could even put biblical prayer prompts, for some convenient adoration time.


In short, get personal, people! Anything that can be written in or on instantly boosts you up on the ‘awesome friend’ scale. Draw them a picture (facebook makes this kind of gift easier and easier)

And if I’m not lazy, I’ll add some more gift ideas. For Christians, my bro does reckon that the bible is the only gift worth giving…


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