Inception Pie

We are all familiar with the concept of ‘Inception’ (insert everyday item here) Such as this amazing Inception Chair by Vivian Chiu, who has created some amazing feats of design.

More details at Colossal, because unfortunately the link at Vivian Chiu’s own site is faulty.

So one day, we came up with a new concept for Inception. That is, a pie within a pie within….

The concept itself is quite simple. I mean, we are definitely not experts in cooking. And yet it worked.

1. Make yourself a pie crust dough and prepare various different fillings. We went for Apricot, Cinnamon Pear, Lemon and Raspberry.

2. Blind bake a pie crust (bottom and sides) in a large pie dish and another crust (sides only) in a smaller dish that fits comfortably inside the larger with space around the sides for filling

Above: Pear and Apricot Inception Pie

3. Add your filling in to the large pie crust, leaving a hole in the centre roughly the size of your smaller pie crust

4. Insert your smaller pie crust (if it breaks, just rearrange it as a sort of barrier to separate flavours) and filling.

Above: Raspberry and Lemon

5. Put large pie crust on top to cover the whole thing and bake!

Above: For you maths lovers, yes that is a π symbol in the middle

Of course, if you have a big enough oven and enough pie dishes, you could keep repeating the steps until you have a million different layers. Now that would be a true Inception Pie.