The Asymmetric Hem

Well, after A Pair and a Spare’s post on Jason Wu-inspired skirts, I must say, it peaked my interest.

Asymmetric hems (i.e, when the hems are uneven, often with a shorter section at the front and a longer ‘train’ at the back, although the term can refer to any skirt with a, you guessed it, asymmetric hem)
My thoughts? It has to be done just right, to avoid looking too trashy. It’s the same concept as cut out shoulders, tears in pants, etc. If you put a hole where there ordinarily isn’t, (even if more ‘revealing’ garments do exist, e.g. sleeveless tops, shorts, etc.) it can look a little trashy. Don’t ask me why, it’s just a law of nature. Lol.

I saw a girl from the Chinese Congregation (We share our church building with a Chinese-speaking congregation) wearing a floral asymmetric skirt last week, and boy, it looked SO cool when she was hurrying down the corridor!

Asymmetric skirts… yay or nay? Trash Central? Man Repeller (Gosh, I love that term!)? Pure Awesomeness?

Above: Modcloth ‘Poetic Penumbra Dress’ (Soldout) I found this one via my bro’s girlfriend’s friend’s post on her wall (wow, that was a lot of apostrophe s’s!!!) It isquite elegant, quite poetic, but somehow also a little… vixen? I dunno, perhaps that’s just me? My sister agrees though.

Coincidentally, this ‘Storm in the Air Dress,’ (Above) more recently released on Modcloth looks strikingly similar. I think I prefer the bodice of the Penumbra (just a little more elegant I think), but this one fits the model better I think… and somehow I prefer the skirt, although I myself cannot really tell the difference there…
Above and Below: Jason Wu Spring 2012



Above: Puffy Chiffon Asymmetric Hem Skirts (My sister actually likes these ones; she’s not a huge fan of asymmetric hems) Lol, the model reminds me of my cousin, who used to run Paper Box Couture

Above and Below:, Wioletta A.M(That is one heck of a galaxy print! Although my sister doesn’t like the girl, she was all like ‘I don’t like these models, they’re all so sad!!!’)

Or perhaps some thing with a more definite change in length à la Sass&Bide Spring 2012 (actually, they’re collection disappointed me a little, but it was still kinda cool)

A Pair and a Spare wrote a DIY tutorial on how to make one of these skirts from a thrifted pleat skirt. I myself am not a huge fan of this particular tutorial, but it might give you some handy hints!

I’m hoping to make one of my own with some sheer print fabric I have left over (with an opaque lining, of course!), so I shall post the results once I get round to it. Too bad it’s the end of holidays today *sigh*


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