Fashion makes me lol

Ok, I love fashion. Really I do. But just like you normal(-ish?) folks out there, I too have certain things where I’m like, ‘What the heck, who would wear that? Is it even physically possible?’Or sometimes it just looks funny. Not because it’s particularly ugly, but it’s just laugh-worthy. Or perhaps just ew. Man Repeller(ok, I don’t actually follow that blog, but I do like the man repeller concept)But yeah, here are two things that made me lol (the first one’s aimed at you, moonboy :P)

 So these were the first few items from the Lanvin Fall 2011 collection. And my first thought was ‘WITCH!’ which was subsequently followed with a prompt ‘Oh my goodness, it’s totally a Murkrow!’ (If you don’t know what that is, you should get better acquainted with your Pokemon, and if you don’t know what that is, then you did not have a childhood. Just saying) The second one especially (she’s beautiful, but her expression… priceless, for the purpose of this comparsion)


On second thought, maybe they’re more like Mismagius


You know fashion’s going in the right direction when designer brands begin to resemble your favourite childhood game/anime. Speaking of which, I recall designing dresses inspired by Pokemon; Goldeen, Ninetales, Gloom, Sneasel to name a few. Actually, I did a fair few of those… I really should dig them up again… but that would involve cleaning my room… maybe not…

Anyway, for my second comes from the frockshop blog (found via A Pair and a Spare)

Now I am all for a little bizarre accesorising and stuff as a form of expressing oneself. But this. Well. I’m no man (only on casual days when I feel like dressing up… lol) but I would call this a… yep, you guessed it. At least, it repelled ME. Also, how the heck do women sit down it short skirts like that? Well, that’s what I always think of school girls in mini skirts… don’t they have to sit at desks are something? It’s called learning, ladies.

Photos: Frockshopstyle; Ayuriko’s Pokemon sketches (Oh, I do hope he IS the original artist); (Lanvin Fall 2011); ok, I just google imaged the ‘haha’ pic, but here’s the link anyway,

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