Designer Children’s Fashion?

You’ve got to admit. Designer Children’s fashion is pretty darn cute. Ridiculously unnecessary (I mean, dressing up your kid in Adidas or Ralph Lauren or Lanvin is just BEGGING to get your kid kidnapped) but cute.Is there anything concerning about it though? Do these kids get to choose to do this, or are they being pressured into the limelight? I know my sister dislikes putting photos of kids on facebook, since they don’t really get to control how much is on the internet, but that’s a slightly different matter. This high up in designer fashion, it seems pretty nicely done; nothing to gaudy, very subtle make up, maybe it’s just our favourite designers just want to dress our kids nicely? I mean, I’m not really well-read enough on the matter to really know (Education. Is. Everything. Period) From here though, it seems ok. Beauty pageants, another matter entirely, but I digress. Anyway, these are freaking adorable.

Lanvin Resort 2012 (Oh, I want to jump out of a Lanvin bag! But no, my siblings had to zip me up in a REGULAR beach bag when I was little…)
 This Lanvin collection… it’s so pretty!
 Above: Someone’s a little serious today…
 Above: Naw-sies at the two on the right

Chanel Spring 2011- Cutest thing in the world. Hideous blazers. But adorable, nonetheless. Simple to imitate; just dress your man and your kid in the same stuff; that way it’s super cute, but YOU yourself don’t have to suffer the embarrassment. Win-win situation
3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2011- I swear these kids are better dressed than me… The girl in the middle is looking pretty fashionable to me

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